Dear Baby: Yearly Photo

Dear Baby,

I bought you a birthday crown, and I plan on taking your picture in it every year on your birthday. Even when you’re 14 and you think it’s lame.


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3 Responses to Dear Baby: Yearly Photo

  1. Kris & Chris says:

    Such a great idea! Ella is such a beautiful baby! Your whole family is and I love the letters. In write them to my daughters sometimes too. Lovely to meet you.

    p.s. I read you cried because she was getting older. I do the same with my littles and one is eight! I think most of us mamas wish time didn’t go by so quickly 😦

    • The Wife says:

      Thank you! I knew I wanted to do something for a yearly photo and was psyched when I found that crown!

      I can’t believe how emotional I was the night before her birthday. I heard it doesn’t get easier either. So bittersweet to watch them grow!

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