Dear Baby: Playing catch up, Part III

Dear Baby,
Well, I just put you to bed and couldn’t help but cry as you lay asleep on my chest. I can’t believe the first year is coming to an end. I just don’t ever want it forget how little you are! Anywho, let’s finish our catch up…

Ten months:




In your tenth month, we really got to just enjoy summer time. We didn’t see any 4th of July fireworks (it was just too late for you) but we did go to Newton’s carnival and that was fun! Lots of trips to the park and splash pads (you LOVE water), and daddy got a new job! He was so excited, but also a bit sad that he wouldn’t spend everyday with you anymore. He’s definitely grateful that he had the opportunity to spend six months with you!

Eleven months:




Before you turned eleven months, mama and daddy celebrated our third wedding anniversary, daddy turned THIRTY, and you made your first flight. We flew to St. Paul, MN for Auntie Kara and Uncle Jon’s wedding where you were THE cutest and most charming ring bearette there ever was.

Okay, I’ve got to get the laundry done and prepare for this weekend’s trip to New York to celebrate YOU!


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