Dear Baby: Playing catch up, Part II

Dear Baby,

Here I am again, second night in a row, playing catch up on your monthly pictures. Tomorrow night I’ll post the last catch up, just in time for your FIRST birthday on Thursday.

Eight months: (Let me just say that your father, whom I love dearly, misplaced the stickers we use for these pictures and I was in a total upset panic trying to find them. I was so sad at the prospect of not completing these pictures because we didn’t have it together enough to remember where the darn stickers were. Well, I finally found them, and went to turn the camera on when I found out the battery was dead. I figured I’d charge it just long enough to have enough power to snap a few pics, but guess what? He had misplaced the battery charger as well. Seriously. I hope he doesn’t forget to pick you up at school some day…)

Anyways, I settled for our old point-and-shoot camera. That thing could NOT keep up with you. Most of the pictures look like this:


There are only two pictures that aren’t totally unrecognizable (and definitely still cute):



Before you hit 8 months, you blessed me with being able to celebrate my first official Mother’s Day (daddy and I painted the living room and then we went out for burritos and ice cream), We made yet another trip to New York for your cousins’ 4th birthday and your baptism, and you went on the swings for the first time! The biggest event in your eight month was that your daddy graduated from his dream school with his bachelor’s degree. I was so so proud of him that I cried like a fool. I think part of it had to do with the fact that he carried you across the stage with him to get his degree. It was a moment I’ll never forget. NaNa, PopPop, and Auntie Queen all came for the big day and you got to meet Auntie Queen and Uncle Greg for the very first time. They sure do love you!

9 months:




What a change between months 8 and 9! You grew so much, looking more like a toddler than an infant, and your hair started to go crazy! It got longer and curlier in the summer humidity. We also celebrated daddy’s first Father’s Day, spent a weekend in Maine for Christine and Graig’s wedding, and you became VERY mobile.

Early summer already seems so long ago, but we made lots of awesome memories with you. We never go around to bringing you to the beach, though. Definitely next summer!


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