Dear Baby: Playing catch up

Dear Baby,
Well, they’re not going to give me the Mother of the Year award any time soon. Can you believe I flaked out on writing monthly posts? I hope that doesn’t land you in therapy. I did, however, keep up with taking your monthly pictures. With that said, here’s months 6 and 7.

Six months old:





Before you hit the half-year mark, You started solids (avocado was your first food and you LOVED it), moved into a big kid car seat, and really started dealing with the teething process (no fun).

7 months old:




Before you turned 7 month that first pesky tooth broke through (followed quickly by the second), went to your first First Friday in the South End to appreciate some art, and we had good friends over for Easter dinner (you charmed the pants off of everyone, of course). We made another trip to New York for G’s birthday and we switched you from the co-sleeper to the crib (but still in mama and daddy’s room). I feel like as you finished out your first 6 months, you really grew and changed so much. And now, looking back on these pictures, I’m wondering where that little baby went.

Daddy and I keep saying how we can’t believe it’s almost been a year. But, I won’t jump ahead. I’ll play catch up this week just in time for your big day on Thursday.

Love love love you,

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