Dear Baby: Five Whole Months

Dearest baby, your mama has been a bit of a slacker lately and is posting your 5 months pictures pretty close to when you turn six months. Please don’t hold it against me.


We’ve had some milestones this past month. Mama went back to work, and you laughed for the first time on Valentine’s Day. I teared up a little because it happened about 5 minutes before I left for work on my very first day back. Daddy was there too and you made me feel pretty special because you would only laugh for me. I’m really lucky that my job lets me do a lot of work from home and on the days that I am in the office, you are home with daddy. It makes being away from you so much easier knowing you are with him. I bet you two have lots of fun together.


We also made another trip to NY for Gran’s birthday and she said it was the best birthday surprise she ever had (we didn’t tell her we were coming and when we got there, we set your car seat on the doorstep, knocked on the door and hid). Gran screamed so loud when she saw you that I was worried the neighbors thought something was wrong! You also came back from NY with your first cold, thanks to your big cousins. They got mama, daddy, and you sick and you even ended up with your first ear infection. I’m so glad you are feeling better because I didn’t like seeing you sad not one bit.

Well, a new update is just a week away and I have a feeling I will be more on time with it as it will be your HALF BIRTHDAY!! I can’t believe how fast time is flying!!

Happy belated 5 months, Chick!

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2 Responses to Dear Baby: Five Whole Months

  1. At an adorable surprise for Gran! My mom is so close to Humnoy too and it slays me how he adores her right back. Your little girl is so cute! I love her sweetness on Instagram!

    • The Wife says:

      Thank you! They really do adore each other and Skype plays a big part in keeping her close with her grandparents when we can’t visit.

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