Dear Baby: A Third Of A Year


The past month has been really fun. It’s like all of a sudden you are no longer a newborn. You look bigger, act older, and are finally okay with spending time out of our arms. Don’t get me wrong, we love holding and snuggling you (a lot!), but it is nice to be able to make breakfast or brush my teeth without you having a fit. You are pretty obsessed with your hands and love to chew on them while babbling away. Babbling, that’s the other thing. You are super talkative and love to tell us stories (although we have no idea what you are saying). You let out a pretty loud squeal now and then, it’s rather cute. You still haven’t had a genuine laugh, and daddy and I are really eager to hear it! You don’t mind being on your tummy and will even roll onto it with a little help from me. I can only imagine what this next months is going to bring. You are changing and growing so quickly. Could you slow down a little bit? Just think about it, okay?


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