Dear Baby: You’re Fine

Dear Baby,
You have a clean diaper, full belly, and warm PJs. Your nose isn’t stuffed. You don’t have a fever. No one is cutting off any of your limbs.

Please stop screaming bloody murder and go to sleep. The neighbors are going to start wondering what is going on up here.

All my love,
Your (very tired) Mama

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3 Responses to Dear Baby: You’re Fine

  1. Kara says:

    Dear Mama,

    Let me interpret for you. What I’m saying, quite simply, is that I want to go to California to visit Auntie Kara. And that I love spending these late night hours with you.


  2. Mandey says:

    I’m new here! Just thought I’d say hi and that you have a gorgeous family 🙂 I’m Mandey, a 27 year old Mama to almost 2 year old interracial twin boys (my hubby is first generation Nigerian, I’m German/Irish). This makes me miss when my boys were tiny, but not the crying part lol!

    Stop by my blog and say hi 🙂

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