Thanks For Everything, 2011

So many people are excited that this year is coming to an end, but not me. 2011 was a great year and I am actually sad to see it go. I’m taking a cue from Harriet over at See Theo Run and listing my favorite moments of the year, month by month.


What a way to kick off 2011-We found out we were finally expecting after eons of trying, many disappointments, and with the help of assisted reproduction. I can only think of one other event that topped this one (see: October).


February marked our 5 year anniversary of being together. We don’t really celebrate it now that we are married, but we do always acknowledge it and can’t help but reminisce. It was wild to think that 5 years ago we were 23 years old and still went out not only on the weekends, but on many a weeknight, as well. These days I’m in bed before most school children. Here’s what we looked like in February 2006:



I’m noticing as I write this post that a lot of it is centered around my pregnancy and Eila’s birth. I guess there what happens when you get pregnant at the beginning of the year. Anyway, in the beginning of March, we were told that our pregnancy was normal and I finally felt like I could relax and leave all of the stress behind. This was a major turning point and I had a very mellow second and third trimester (other then the typical discomforts and some very ugly migraines).


April 1st was the day we told the last few “in person” people that we were pregnant before spilling the beans on Facebook for all of the virtual world to know. We traveled home to NY to share the news with close family and friends and hadn’t even realized it was April Fool’s Day. A few people were skeptical and thought we were trying to trick them. I never thought I’d have to work so hard to convince people of such good news! We announced our pregnancy on Facebook with this picture (nerd alert):



May was a month of transition. I spent pretty much the entire month packing up all of our worldly belongings and trying up make our big move as organized and stress free as possible.We only moved one city over but it was happening on Memorial Day weekend, I was getting bigger by the day, and we own a Honda Civic. Luckily with a few amazingly good friends ( and their SUV) as well as a sunny day, we were able to move everything from a third floor apartment with an elevator to a third floor walk up with the worlds most narrow staircase. Like I said, amazing friends.


June was the beginning of my nesting phase. I’m already an organizer/neat freak, so you can only imagine how wild it got with the hormones added in. Andre, true to form, put up with my crazy and painted both bedrooms and the kitchen, including the old wooden cabinets between June and July.


Continue with the nesting and add in a visit from my mom. We got lots done and she was also a huge help with painting the trim in the baby’s room. I’ve never seen anyone with such a steady hand. The woman doesn’t even need to tape off the walls, she’s just that good.

We also celebrated our second wedding anniversary in July, even though it’s technically in August. We go to an awesome little inn in Provincetown every year, but I had a feeling that it would be too hot and I would be too big come August, so we bumped up our trip this year. It was a good call. It was still too hot, but I was feeling well and was in the stage of my pregnancy where I felt pretty and even rocked a two piece bathing suit!


August pretty much rocked. I was thrown a beautiful baby shower in New York (where I grew up), we officially celebrated 2 years of wedded bliss, we had a baby shower/BBQ here with all of our friends, and we celebrated Andre’s 29th birthday. I surprised him with 2 tickets to a  BC vs. Florida State game and he was shocked. It was the first time he was able to see Florida State play and he is a life long fan.  August was a total whirlwind and felt like one big party. Here’s what I was looking like by then:


At my NY baby shower


By the time we hit September I was in full on crazy mode. There were a ton of things that had to be finished before the baby came, and I was convinced that she was going to come early as no woman in my family had ever gone full term. Add to that the fact that Andre was about to start his final year of college and that I was a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding in NY, and you had one stressed out pregnant lady. Luckily Eila kept on cooking and everything went off without a hitch. Here we are at Karla’s wedding (hello pregnancy puffiness!):



I don’t think I really need to go into detail about the biggest happening in October, so let’s just go with these 4 pictures from that amazing day when our lives changed forever:


I didn't realize that my labor would start 9 hours after taking this pic

Just minutes old

Proud Papa

Mama's cuddle bug from the very beginning


November marked one month of parenthood under our belts and that first month felt like an alternate reality. We also travelled home for Thanksgiving with our families and Eila met lots of family and friends during our visit.

Eila and Nana

Big cousins are very helpful!


Finally, December. Another month that seemed to fly by. Even more so than holiday seasons of the past. Eila hit the two month mark, and we had a very quiet Christmas since Andre had to work. We didn’t let that stop us though. We headed to NY once again a few days later and declared Christmas #2 with our families and it was fabulous! A perfect way to end the year.

(I’ll have to add Christmas pictures tomorrow as my camera is in the closet next to a peacefully sleeping baby and mama is not messing with that!)

I have to say, 2011 was probably the best year of my life thus far. I hope I can keep the momentum going, and really want to do my best to create the best experiences possible for my family in the upcoming year. Here’s to an amazing 2012, I can’t wait to see everything we accomplish as a family in the next 366 days (2012 is a leap year!)

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