Dear Baby: Out of the Fog

Dear Baby,

I feel like I’ve just stepped out of a suspended reality. The first month with you was a whirlwind to say the least- a fog of sleeplessness, diapers, burping, cuddles, and lots of lovin’. I am over the moon in love with you and cuddling with you is my favorite pastime. You are so happy to be cuddled up in the Moby wrap, which I love too (having my hands free is the best!).

Nursing got off to a rough start, but I am so proud of us both. We stuck it out, worked together, and now we are a smooooth team! You are getting bigger and chunkier and I fight the urge to nibble on your thighs daily. They are just so delicious! You have days where you are happy and awake and days where you could sleep all day. You are a champ at night, only getting up to nurse and be changed and going right back to sleep in your co-sleeper.

We’re getting into a groove, little one, and I’m loving every moment!



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