Dear Baby: On Your Name

Dear Baby,

Let me tell you how you came to have your name. We had a list of girls and boys names we liked, but didn’t know whether we were going to have a boy or a girl, let alone which name was the “one”.  Eila was not at the top of our list in the beginning, but after meeting you, we knew it is the only name that fit our little girl. It is pronounced EYE-luh, and means Oak Tree in Hebrew. More importantly it reminds us of Ollie, who was your dad’s maternal grandmother. Ollie’s life was taken from her when your Nana, the oldest of 4, was just 9 years old. We wanted to honor Ollie, as well as your Nana’s strength as she became like a mother to her younger siblings at such a young age.

Your middle name is my mother’s mother’s mother’s maiden name of and is pronounced TAH-vur-ee. Your great-great grandmother, Vita Taveri, made the journey from Italy on a ship with her then 2-year-old daughter, who was my grandmother. Again, a nod to a strong woman and mother, who also gave birth to two other daughters and adopted 2 more.

Your name represents strength. From the literal meaning to your namesakes and their stories, no other name could compete. And when you were born and placed on my chest, you held your head up so high with the widest of eyes- so strong and steady. You, my love, are the embodiment of strength.

I’m already so proud.



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