Dear Baby: Our Day

Dear Baby,

I am treating myself to a pedicure today. And I’m sitting here in one of those massaging chairs, in a dress, with my makeup and hair done, and trying not to cry. Don’t worry, they’re happy tears. It just hit me that today is our baby shower. I mean, I knew the shower was today. We made the trip back home especially for it. but the fact that I am actually about to go to my baby shower. Wow.

After the many negative tests. The tracking and temperature taking. The symptom analyzing. Timing. The dietary changes. Fertilitea. Ultrasounds, blood work, and other tests. The HSG (ouch!). The research. The cysts, the mood swings. The Clomid, HCG, and Progesterone. The tears (the unhappy kind). The doubt.

After all of that, here I am. Here we are. Sitting in a nail salon getting ready to go to our baby shower. Your Gran did so much planning and everyone is so excited for this event. I’m almost in disbelief that this is reality. But I am so, so, grateful.

Let’s go celebrate YOU!



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