Dear Baby: New Home

Dear Baby,

We finally moved into our new place (we needed a second bedroom for some silly reason…). I’m desperate for it to feel like home. Here’s what it looks like so far:

Messy Kitchen

Unpacked Living Room

What will soon be your room

Elevating and icing my swollen feet/ankles after a long (and hot) moving day. Yes, those are frozen veggies.

I’m trying to tackle one thing at a time, as well as not going overboard with spending. I really just want to take a week off, steal my husband from all of his responsibilities, and turn this place into something that feels like home.

But I guess just like you need time to grow (17 weeks more weeks to be exact) our new place will need time to become home.

Well, you’re kicking up a storm in your current home, so at least I know you’re feelin’ fine, little one.



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