Dear Baby: Yearly Photo

Dear Baby,

I bought you a birthday crown, and I plan on taking your picture in it every year on your birthday. Even when you’re 14 and you think it’s lame.


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Dear Baby: Your very first birthday

Dear Baby,

I can’t believe you are actually, officially, one year old! You gave me extra cuddly hugs tonight before you went to sleep. It really was the sweetest. you, daddy, and I went out to dinner to celebrate your special day and we had a great time. You danced and waved to the people sitting next to us. You ate so much, and charmed everyone that came by our table.

Eila, you are the most fun, silly, independent, loving, amazing little girl. Thank you so much for choosing us to be your parents. We are the luckiest.

Mama and Daddy






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Dear Baby: Playing catch up, Part III

Dear Baby,
Well, I just put you to bed and couldn’t help but cry as you lay asleep on my chest. I can’t believe the first year is coming to an end. I just don’t ever want it forget how little you are! Anywho, let’s finish our catch up…

Ten months:




In your tenth month, we really got to just enjoy summer time. We didn’t see any 4th of July fireworks (it was just too late for you) but we did go to Newton’s carnival and that was fun! Lots of trips to the park and splash pads (you LOVE water), and daddy got a new job! He was so excited, but also a bit sad that he wouldn’t spend everyday with you anymore. He’s definitely grateful that he had the opportunity to spend six months with you!

Eleven months:




Before you turned eleven months, mama and daddy celebrated our third wedding anniversary, daddy turned THIRTY, and you made your first flight. We flew to St. Paul, MN for Auntie Kara and Uncle Jon’s wedding where you were THE cutest and most charming ring bearette there ever was.

Okay, I’ve got to get the laundry done and prepare for this weekend’s trip to New York to celebrate YOU!


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Dear Baby: Playing catch up, Part II

Dear Baby,

Here I am again, second night in a row, playing catch up on your monthly pictures. Tomorrow night I’ll post the last catch up, just in time for your FIRST birthday on Thursday.

Eight months: (Let me just say that your father, whom I love dearly, misplaced the stickers we use for these pictures and I was in a total upset panic trying to find them. I was so sad at the prospect of not completing these pictures because we didn’t have it together enough to remember where the darn stickers were. Well, I finally found them, and went to turn the camera on when I found out the battery was dead. I figured I’d charge it just long enough to have enough power to snap a few pics, but guess what? He had misplaced the battery charger as well. Seriously. I hope he doesn’t forget to pick you up at school some day…)

Anyways, I settled for our old point-and-shoot camera. That thing could NOT keep up with you. Most of the pictures look like this:


There are only two pictures that aren’t totally unrecognizable (and definitely still cute):



Before you hit 8 months, you blessed me with being able to celebrate my first official Mother’s Day (daddy and I painted the living room and then we went out for burritos and ice cream), We made yet another trip to New York for your cousins’ 4th birthday and your baptism, and you went on the swings for the first time! The biggest event in your eight month was that your daddy graduated from his dream school with his bachelor’s degree. I was so so proud of him that I cried like a fool. I think part of it had to do with the fact that he carried you across the stage with him to get his degree. It was a moment I’ll never forget. NaNa, PopPop, and Auntie Queen all came for the big day and you got to meet Auntie Queen and Uncle Greg for the very first time. They sure do love you!

9 months:




What a change between months 8 and 9! You grew so much, looking more like a toddler than an infant, and your hair started to go crazy! It got longer and curlier in the summer humidity. We also celebrated daddy’s first Father’s Day, spent a weekend in Maine for Christine and Graig’s wedding, and you became VERY mobile.

Early summer already seems so long ago, but we made lots of awesome memories with you. We never go around to bringing you to the beach, though. Definitely next summer!


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Dear Baby: Playing catch up

Dear Baby,
Well, they’re not going to give me the Mother of the Year award any time soon. Can you believe I flaked out on writing monthly posts? I hope that doesn’t land you in therapy. I did, however, keep up with taking your monthly pictures. With that said, here’s months 6 and 7.

Six months old:





Before you hit the half-year mark, You started solids (avocado was your first food and you LOVED it), moved into a big kid car seat, and really started dealing with the teething process (no fun).

7 months old:




Before you turned 7 month that first pesky tooth broke through (followed quickly by the second), went to your first First Friday in the South End to appreciate some art, and we had good friends over for Easter dinner (you charmed the pants off of everyone, of course). We made another trip to New York for G’s birthday and we switched you from the co-sleeper to the crib (but still in mama and daddy’s room). I feel like as you finished out your first 6 months, you really grew and changed so much. And now, looking back on these pictures, I’m wondering where that little baby went.

Daddy and I keep saying how we can’t believe it’s almost been a year. But, I won’t jump ahead. I’ll play catch up this week just in time for your big day on Thursday.

Love love love you,

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Dear Baby: Potential


You’ve been growing and changing so quickly lately. It’s as if you wake up each day and do something new. You’re standing on your own now and I’m sure walking isn’t far off. I can already see your independent spirit and curiosity shine through.

I’m kind of blown away when I think about how much potential you have and how many possibilities there are for you in this world. I just hope I can find the right balance between fostering your interests and allowing you to create the life and experiences you want (aka I don’t want to be a stage mom…). Deep thoughts after I stayed up all night watching the Olympics. Anyways, I want you to know that you amaze me everyday and I’m honored to be able to watch you grow (just don’t get too big too fast, you’re a really awesome baby).


P.S. you’re sleeping next to me right now and your little butt is sticking up in the air. It’s so cute and when you’re old enough to read this you will probably think I’m a goof. Oh well, such is life.

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Dear Baby: Five Whole Months

Dearest baby, your mama has been a bit of a slacker lately and is posting your 5 months pictures pretty close to when you turn six months. Please don’t hold it against me.


We’ve had some milestones this past month. Mama went back to work, and you laughed for the first time on Valentine’s Day. I teared up a little because it happened about 5 minutes before I left for work on my very first day back. Daddy was there too and you made me feel pretty special because you would only laugh for me. I’m really lucky that my job lets me do a lot of work from home and on the days that I am in the office, you are home with daddy. It makes being away from you so much easier knowing you are with him. I bet you two have lots of fun together.


We also made another trip to NY for Gran’s birthday and she said it was the best birthday surprise she ever had (we didn’t tell her we were coming and when we got there, we set your car seat on the doorstep, knocked on the door and hid). Gran screamed so loud when she saw you that I was worried the neighbors thought something was wrong! You also came back from NY with your first cold, thanks to your big cousins. They got mama, daddy, and you sick and you even ended up with your first ear infection. I’m so glad you are feeling better because I didn’t like seeing you sad not one bit.

Well, a new update is just a week away and I have a feeling I will be more on time with it as it will be your HALF BIRTHDAY!! I can’t believe how fast time is flying!!

Happy belated 5 months, Chick!

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The William Morris Project, Weeks 5 & 6

So, I was a little bit of a slacker last week and missed getting up my WM post. Two great accomplishments, though. I brought all of the clothes I had sitting in my closet for consignment. It’s so nice to have that stuff out of here! And, there’s our new rug. It is amazing how much more space it feels like we have. We bought it right before having some people over for the Super Bowl, and since we needed some more seating, we pulled the chair from our bedroom out. It’s been there ever since. I sit in it all the time! When it was in our room, that chair was the spot we would throw random clothes, books, etc. Now it is actually being used as a place to sit!

Before, with the tiny 4x6 rug

After, with a new, lighter 8x12 rug! (And NBA on the TV...)

More seating in the living room! (And husband watching TV...)

Now the only problem is what to replace it with in our bedroom. There is a big empty corner in our room and we don’t have the budget for a new chair. I think I see some thrifting in my future…

As for this week, I did something that should have been done a looooooooong time ago (we all know how that goes). But you guys! It happened this weekend for a reason! Remember that 9-cube shelf that didn’t fit in the closet? The one that has just been sitting in my living room mocking me? Well, I guess that whole fiasco was meant to happen because now it is serving the perfect purpose. You see, we have two entrances to our apartment. The front one leads into our living room, that’s the one we use daily. The back one leads into our bedroom. It has a storage closet and brings you down to the basement, so it has kind of served as a catch-all area and since no one but us ever sees it, it has never been neat nor organized. I mean, we were literally climbing over things to get to the basement every time we did laundry. I’m really embarrassed to share these pictures, but you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the after pictures without them.

Left- The view leading out from our bedroom ---- Right- The view coming up the stairs from the basement

See that bookshelf on the right side? That is a minuscule fraction of Andre’s comic trades. They are out here for their own protection for when we have a mobile baby who may otherwise decide to rip every page. Now that we cleared out space in the living room closet, they could be moved there, leaving us room for other goodies. I purged a TON of old medicines and lotions, donated old cell phones back to Verizon (they have drop boxes at every store and the phones are given to victims of domestic violence), and organized our surplus paper goods and some of the other things that were in the living room closet, again freeing up space for Eila’s toys and linens for the pull out couch. Where did I organize these things, you ask? Oh, you know… in the 9-cube shelf that I should have bought for this very purpose! It is a perfect fit and I feel a sense of victory every time I walk out into this hallway. Take that, crooked walls!

Left- Lookingout from our bedroom --- Top Right- Coming up the staircase --- Bottom Right, my genius idea to hang our brooms from the outside of the cabinet (above the staircase)- I LOVE it!

So there you have it. Our nice, neat back hallway/storage area. Boy that felt good!

Linking up over at Jules’ again. Happy William Morris Thursday!

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Cuteness Overload

You have been warned. We just got in from an adventurous day out and I walked back into the living room to see this.






My kid is awesome.

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Dear Baby: A Third Of A Year


The past month has been really fun. It’s like all of a sudden you are no longer a newborn. You look bigger, act older, and are finally okay with spending time out of our arms. Don’t get me wrong, we love holding and snuggling you (a lot!), but it is nice to be able to make breakfast or brush my teeth without you having a fit. You are pretty obsessed with your hands and love to chew on them while babbling away. Babbling, that’s the other thing. You are super talkative and love to tell us stories (although we have no idea what you are saying). You let out a pretty loud squeal now and then, it’s rather cute. You still haven’t had a genuine laugh, and daddy and I are really eager to hear it! You don’t mind being on your tummy and will even roll onto it with a little help from me. I can only imagine what this next months is going to bring. You are changing and growing so quickly. Could you slow down a little bit? Just think about it, okay?


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